2 Brilliant Watermelon Cutting Tips

Check Out These No-Mess Ingenious Hacks For Cutting Watermelon

Turns out I’ve been cutting watermelon wrong all these years!  It can be a messy business cutting a watermelon but with these two fast and easy tricks you’ll have perfectly sliced or diced watermelon ready to eat in no time.

And why not?  Watermelon is the perfect fruit to refresh you on a hot day since it is over 90% water, so a great way to stay hydrated (in addition to drinking water of course).  It is has a higher content of the antioxidant lycopene than tomatoes, which has cardiovascular protective and cancer fighting benefits.

And despite what these videos demonstrate, don’t be overly worried about cutting off and discarding all that wonderful white rind!  The rind is rich in chlorophyll which is alkalizing and blood-building, and also the amino acid citrulline.  Citrulline is a converted to arginine in your kidneys which is very important for heart health.

And don’t worry about eating the black seeds either – they contain iron, zinc, protein and fibre!  (Not that you need to be concerned about the seedless variety – they are not genetically modified, they are the result of hybridization).

Check out these two tips

1.  Sliced

2. Diced

Want more clever watermelon ideas?  Check out our post for creating this show stopper watermelon beverage.


Source: Tip Hero

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