3 Simple & Healthy Ways To Eat More Fish

Add More Fish To Your Diet With These 3 Delicious Recipes

Incorporating fish into your diet has definite health benefits – it is a lean protein, high in Omega-3 fatty acids, and the best dietary source of Vitamin D.   (Read more about the health benefits of fish at Authority Nutrition)

People can find cooking fish a little intimidating, particularly if you’ve not cooked it much before.  It is such a delicate meat that it can easily be overcooked or spoiled.  However, once you’ve cooked it a couple of times you soon discover it is incredibly simple and often very quick to cook.  Combined with its wonderful health-giving properties, fish can be a simple and nutritious weeknight meal.

It is also good to know where your fish is coming from and whether or not it is sustainably fished.  There are some great information sources available to help you make good ethical choices.  You’ll find a number of great links at:

Greenpeace.org – Alternative Fish Guides

In this short video, Shira Bocar showcases 3 delicious, healthy weeknight fish dishes.  The links for the full recipes are provided below.

Watch How Easy It Is To Cook Delicious Fish Meals

Find The Full Recipes Below

Trout, Tomatoes & Basil in Parchment

Halibut, Squash, Tomatoes & Olives








One-Pot Roasted Mustard Salmon



Video:  YouTube – Martha Stewart

Recipes:  WholeLiving.com

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