8 Terrifyingly Healthy Halloween Treats


Trick AND Treat The Kids With These Yummy But (shhh!) Clean Halloween Snacks

Halloween is almost upon us, and if you’ve started your clean eating journey you may be wondering how to get through the hallowing holiday without candy and processed food.  When it comes to kids you have to keep it fun, so we’ve compiled eight of our favourite fun and healthy Halloween treats that the kids will love and will keep you on track with your health goals.

With just a little imagination you can easily turn the simplest of healthy ingredients into a terrifying treat; like a banana into a ghoulish ghost or an apple into a terrifying monster.  But don’t worry, these treats are yummy as well as healthy!

Happy Trick or Treating!

1. Banana Ghost Pops


With just 4 ingredients, these couldn’t be easier!  Bananas, yoghurt, shredded coconut and choc chips.

Recipe: Super Healthy Kids

2. Creepy Monster Eyeball Eggs


Make 8 eyes

4 hardboiled eggs, cut in half lengthwise
tomato ketchup
3 tbsp. guacamole/mashed avocado
4 stuffed olives, cut in half


Remove the yolks from the hardboiled eggs.  Spoon into the egg halves the mashed avocado or guacamole. Top with half an olive and draw on squiggly blood veins with a toothpick dipped into some tomato ketchup.

Adapted from recipe at:  The Gourmet Mama

3. Candy Corn Popsicles



Plain or Greek yoghurt with a little honey or other natural sweetener (eg agave, RMS, maple syrup) mixed in
100% orange juice
100% pineapple juice


Let each layer freeze before adding and freezing next layer.  Start with Yoghurt, then orange juice then pineapple juice.

Source:  Girl Inspired


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