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The Best Spiralizers – Tried and Tested

If you’ve been inspired by some of the spiralized vegetable recipes on our site but don’t yet have a spiralizer, check out these tips and reviews before making your purchase.

Xanthe Clay wrote a piece for The Telegraph newspaper (UK) that provided some really practical tips for choosing a spiralizer.  Not only did she test different styles but also different vegetables (important since zucchini is much softer than a carrot).  And Mark from Raw Nutrition demonstrated 4 different kinds on YouTube.  We’ve compiled both reviews here to give you the benefit of reading reviews and seeing them action.

Brand names may vary depending on which country you live, but you will be able to learn about the different product designs and their results.

Read Xanthe Clay’s Review

Originally a Japanese invention, the spiralizer is a razor-sharp cutting devices that creates thin ribbons of vegetable – and they’re everywhere. Here’s my buying guide to the various types there are, and the best on the market.

What types of spiralizer are there?

Handheld spiralizers

The cheapest option, much like a large pencil sharpener. Hard work to use for all but very small quantities and will take only veg with a diameter of around 2”/5cm or less.

Horizontal hold spiralizers

These manage much larger diameter veg than the handheld devices — great for celeriac. However, most hold the veg in place with a small metal ring, which cuts a core the size of a pencil from the centre as you turn the mechanism – a bit wasteful, especially for narrower veg. More importantly, even with the help of the metal ring, the veg tends to slip out of place infuriatingly as you cut.

Vertical hold spiralizers

The best option. The vegetable sits on top of the blade so it’s easier to use – there’s no risk of the veg falling out of position, plus naturally exerting pressure downwards as you turn the handle means it works faster. A spike holds the veg in place, so there’s no core cut out, and no wastage. Generally take a slightly smaller diameter and shorter length of veg than the horizontal.

To read more about the specific brands Xanthe tested and her review go to The Telegraph.

Watch Mark’s Comparative Demonstration



The Telegraph (Xanthe Clay’s Review & Feature Image)

Raw Nutrition YouTube Chanel (Mark’s Comparative Demonstration)



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