Do You Know The Truth About Almond Milk? You’ll Want This Recipe.

The Latest Revelation About Almond Milk & The Simple Solution

In recent times there has been a growing interest in and demand for alternatives to cow’s milk.  Vegan, raw and vegetarian diet followers are ever increasing (it is now estimated that there are 16 million vegans and vegetarians in the US alone).   There is a greater awareness of the issues surrounding GMO’s and a subsequent interest in clean food eating.  And more studies revealing that the health benefits of cow’s milk purported by the dairy industry are in fact untrue and further studies linking the consumption of dairy to various health complaints.

Many people are turning to plant based ‘milks’ like rice, soy, oat, quinoa and almond as healthier alternatives.  Almond milk is a popular choice commonly seen in clean food and raw food recipes.  But do you know exactly what you are getting?  Turns out that most commercially produced almond milks are little more than almond flavoured water.


How Many Almonds Are Actually in Your Almond Milk? 

To be precise: one analysis of UK almond milk brand Alpro revealed that almonds only make up 2% of the total drink.

And when it comes to big brands in the U.S. whose bottom lines are skyrocketing, the formulations might not be a whole lot different: one spokesperson for the Almond Board of California said that ingredient combinations are “pretty similar” among UK and US almond milks in this article from Business Insider.

You read correctly, only 2% of almond milk is almonds.  When contacted by multiple news outlets, almond growers and processors have revealed that this 2% ration recipe is the industry standard across the board.

How Almond Milk Stacks Up to Regular Almonds

A standard serving of almonds holds 6 grams protein and 14 grams of healthy fat.

A cup of almond milk, on the other hand, only has 1 gram of protein and 2.5 grams of healthy fat.

In other words, to get the same nutritional value as a single serving of almonds from almond milk you would have to drink roughly a carton instead of one cup.

Source:  AltHealthWorks

(Video) How to make your own nut milk


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