Veganism = Happier Thyroid

Study Finds Hyperthyroid Improved On Plant-Based Diet

The Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine recently shared the results of a study conducted on hyperthyroid patients and the effect of diet on their treatment outcomes.

The study demonstrated that the less animal products the patients consumed, the lower the odds of prevalent hyperthyroidism.  The researchers hypothesised these results may be due to the link between autoimmunity and the high estrogen levels found in meat, eggs and dairy, or the protective effect of high levels of antioxidants found in plants.

Read The Results Of The Study

“Vegan diets are linked to half the prevalence of hyperthyroidism as compared to diets that include meat and dairy products, according to a study published in Public Health Nutrition.

Researchers assessed the dietary patterns and hyperthyroid treatment histories of 66,000 individuals in the United States and Canada as part of the Adventist Health Study-2.

They found that those who excluded all animal products from their diet had 52 percent lower odds of prevalent hyperthyroidism (as defined by treatment over the past year) compared with omnivores. Lacto-ovo and pesco-vegetarians were found to have lower odds of hyperthyroidism than omnivores, but to a lesser extent, and semi-vegetarian diets showed no protection against hyperthyroidism…..

…..Interestingly, the researchers previously found vegan diets to also be associated with a lower risk of hypothyroidism.”

Read The Full Article at PCRM.ORG

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