You’re Wasting All Your Healthy Eating Efforts If You Cook With This


The Silent Killer You May Have In Your Kitchen

Every so often a story surfaces about the dangers of microwave ovens, and yet they are still a common household appliance – nearly 90% of Americans have a microwave in their kitchen!

Despite the growing evidence that electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is linked to cancer, people still seem happy to “nuke” their food.  Whether or not you’re convinced of the dangers of microwaves, another compelling reason to stop using them is that they virtually destroy any nutrition in your food.  So all your efforts to eat healthily become a complete waste of time if you’re heating or cooking food in a microwave.

And all this before we even consider what the food is being heated in – if it’s plastic then you’re really in trouble!

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Microwaves produce waves of electrical and magnetic energy (aka electromagnetic radiation).

When a microwave is used to heat up food it causes water molecules in the food to vibrate at a very high frequencies causing them to be deformed and torn apart and this creates molecular friction which turns the water into steam and this heats the food.

However microwaving kills life energy and it damages nutrients in the food turning it into lifeless matter.  Carcinogens and radiolytic compounds are also formed along the way.

Because microwaves completely deform the molecular structure of food, the degenerative changes in the nutrients have harmful effects on bodies on a cellular level.

Scientists actually use microwaves in the field of gene altering technology to weaken cell membranes and break cells apart which impairs them and makes them susceptible to viruses, fungi and other microorganisms.  Imagine what consuming this altered food could do to your health.

In 1991 at the Hillcrest Medical Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma a nurse gave Norma Levitt a blood transfusion of Levitt’s own blood following a successful hip surgery but she died within minutes after the blood transfusion because the nurse warmed the blood up in the microwave which damaged, deformed, and altered the blood components resulting in her immediate death.

The added health catastrophy when using microwaves is heating food in plastic.  Heating accelerates the transfer of chemicals to your food.  So now you have molecularly altered, nutritionally damaged, plastic laden food……mmmmm, yummy.

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